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Itamae Home Page
news flash
Itamae SA is now under new management.

Setta Kitchenware has incorporated the Itamae SA Brand and is now based in Cape Town South Africa. Check out our massively reduced prices here for December period 2015. While stocks lasts.
Itamae chef knives are designed for impeccable accuracy and easy use in the kitchen.

Initially created solely for chefs, Itamae understands that not only professionals wish to use the best.

The range, contains all the knives one needs, from carving knife, to utility knife.

We are currently looking to expand our distributer network, for further information please contact Vanessa by email :

Orders can be delivered within 2 days to all major centers and many smaller cities and towns throughout South Africa
The Itamae Blade
The blade is folded 33 times to give 67 layers of VG-10 steel. The technique, widely known as Damascene, is also used to make Samurai swords.
The folded steel does not make the blade heavy; the good balance and light weight blades combine to make the knives exceptional for chefs.

The handles of these kitchen knives are made from a blend of linen and resin, known as Micarta, and the blade of the knife continues in Damascus steel to the end of the handle. The blades contain a mixture of steel and other elements including carbon which maintain the sharpness of the blade. Preferably use a sharpening steel before and after use to keep your Itamae knife in perfect condition.

Itamae Warranty
Itamae will replace your knife if the guidelines below are followed:
  • The Itamae knives are kitchen knives, and designed for use in the kitchen only
  • The warranty will not cover knives returned for bluntness as this can
    be rectified by sharpening.
  • Treat your knife with care as a Samurai warrior would treat his sword.
    Do not use as a DIY tool.

If action under the warranty is required the knife should be returned for evaluation.
itamae knives Itamae Knives
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